How to pay American Express Gold Delta Skymiles Credit Card Bill

The American Express Company recognized as AMEX, is a multinational financial services company based in New York, USA. It was founded in 1850.

The company is well identified for its credit card, traveler’s card and charge card.

There are approximately 24% of total credit cards transactions all over US are made by AMEX credit card consumers.

If a consumer makes a purchase with a credit or debit card, a small part of the price paid for the fees which known as commercial discount, the merchant keep the rest. In general, there are three parts that share the fees:

Acquiring Bank: this bank processes the transactions for the merchant bank.

Issuing Bank: this bank issues the credit card to the consumers. Consumer repaying the bill to this bank for the credit card purchase.

Network: A link between the acquiring bank and the issuing bank is needed. These two banks have a relationship with the network. So this network made the link between acquiring bank and the issuing bank.

The average of the merchant discount in the US is 1.9%. Approximately the acquirer bank get 0.1%, the issuer bank get 1.7% and the network get 0.09% of that 1.9%.

Since the business of American Express is growing rapidly, they are offering a new credit card which is known as Gold Delta Skymiles Credit Card.

AMEX has developed an easy online payment method for the customer to pay their credit card bill online. You don’t have to go anywhere to pay your bill. You can make it from your home if you have internet access.

Through their online payment method you will be able to do the following:

  • Pay your bill free of cost.
  • Check your account balances.
  • Payment your loan.
  • View the transaction history.
  • Print or download your statement.

How to Pay Bill Online:

Step 1 – To pay your bill online, go to the bill payment webpage. You start your operation from their homepage.

Step 2 – Select your card from the drop-down menu and submit your User ID and Password, then click on ‘Log In’ button.

Step 3 – After successfully logging in, you can pay your bill, view transaction and download your statement. The online portal is very easy and they will guide you step by step.

People can easily forget their password and User ID. Because a person has so many account and sometimes they get puzzled with their different ID and password. In case it happened to you, don’t worry. They have the solution for the problem.

Forgot User ID or Password:

Step 1 – To recover the user id or password go to the bill pay homepage. Now click on the ‘Forgot User Id or Password?’ button.

Step 2 – Put your 15 digit card number and the 4 digit card ID. Click ‘Continue’ when you finish submitting the number.

Step 3 – Now they will guide you through an easy procedure to recover your user ID or password.

How to create new online account:

Step 1 – To create a new online account or to have the access online you need to have an online account. To create a new account, go back to the bill pay page again.

Step 2 – Click on ‘Create New Online Account’ button from that page.

Step 3 – Enter your 15 digit card number and the 4 digit card ID. Click ‘Continue’ when you finish entering the number.

Step 4 – On this step they will ask you to put your personal information. Please provide all the required information to complete the process.

Step 5 – When you finish submitting all the data, they give you a confirmation mail to confirm the online account. 

There are some benefits of this credit card, which are:

Key Features: Earn reward point from your purchase you made by the credit card. The purchase can be groceries, gas, restaurant and many other daily needed products. There is no limit of the reward point. Bank will reward you according to your point.

There is no foreign transaction fees needed for this card. You have payment flexibility for full each month. So, whether you are purchasing monthly or trying to make large purchase, you can enjoy the payment flexibility.

Travel Benefits: You and two of your travel companion can have a $29 discount per person for enjoying foods, newspaper, restrooms and more. You can pay for your car rental on abroad. You can have covered by AMEX, if the car is stolen or damaged.

Shopping & Entertainment Benefits: Some of your electronic goods which you have purchased through the credit card can get additional one year warranty from the manufacturer.

You can purchase ticket by this card with discount. The ticket can be event ticket, concert or game ticket.