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McdVoice was created by McDonald’s and they believe in great customer service and outstanding products. However, with so many locations it becomes difficult to maintain each location in order to uphold the best quality standard. This is why was created.

Any customer can go to this website and provide a customer satisfaction survey. This site is owned and operated by Service Management Group, Inc a third party company.

However, McDonald’s owns all customer data and they take all complaints and feedback very seriously. You can feel free to leave honest feedback on employees, management, the store or whatever else.

This feedback is very important because it gives McDonald’s a direct connection with their customers in order to improve your satisfaction overall at every location.

How Do You Get Started With McdVoice?

Step 1: Bring up their website here in your browser using your smart phone, tablet or home PC/laptop:

Step 2: Simply enter in your 26 digit survey code located on your actual receipt. Alternatively you can click on the click here button if you do not have this actual receipt code.

Step 3: After you enter in the required information you will be redirected to begin taking your survey. Be sure to be as honest as possible and complete the survey all the way until the end.

Step 4: Once you complete all steps, you will be forwarded to a validation page. Be sure to save this number, print it or write it down.


Every day millions of people enjoy McDonald’s delicious menu. They started out as a small hamburger stand with a unique production line that was developed by the original founders (McDonald Brothers) in San Bernardino, California on May 15th, 1940.

This small restaurant originally began selling barbecue and a wide variety of other items until they realized that soft drinks, burgers and french fries made up over 80% of their revenue.

Their unique approach made them stand out compared to all the other burger restaurants. Back in the early days, majority of the burger restaurants severed your food to you in your car which took a very long time. Not only that, half of the time your order would most likely be wrong.

McDonald’s was one of the first stands that allowed you to walk up and place your order while delivering your food within a matter of minutes.

Today McDonald’s operates over 36,000 outlets which are owned and operated by franchisees, the company itself or an affiliate. Due to the large number of locations, Mcdonalds goes through great lengths to keep their world famous quality consistent throughout all of their outlets.

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